Shipping policy

Shipping Policy
All orders from the UK and the US are guaranteed to be with the customer after 20 days, unless your order hasn't been fulfilled. We will notify when your order has been fulfilled. This can take up to 72 hours after purchase. Shipping, as explained on the page entitled 'OUR STORY' is as economically and environmentally friendly as possible, and therefore some items may be delayed.
We have a firm commitment to fulfilling our duty to taxes within the countries we trade in. We are VAT-compliant in the EU and EEA, however, because of Brexit, the departure of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, from the European Union, we will have to change our procedure on orders entering the UK, beginning 1st January 2021. All orders valued under £135 (inc. shipping), will have their VAT handled by us (Genu Prima Retail), however, all over £135 will be liable to pay additional customs fees upon entry to the United Kingdom. This includes Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands.
All orders may be subject to additional delays of up to 20 days due to our shipping partners having restricted access to the UK, due to the new strain of COVID-19 that was confirmed by the UK Government in December 2020. We hope this problem will be resolved quickly, and we will update customers periodically.